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In 1990, Grand Blanc, Michigan wasn't necessarily mecca for technology entrepreneurs, but it was a prime location - due to its proximity to Detroit - to create a business focused on helping the Automotive sector. It's where Phil Jackson started EDI provider J-Com. Like many entrepreneurs, Phil took the best of the rules, processes and lessons he learned early in his career to start his own venture and improve. Clearly there was a need for improved business process and relationships within the Automotive supply chain. And few were fulfilling the need or at least doing it well.

J-Com grew, and hired people who demonstrated service above self; who knew EDI and how technology could deliver value to industries with complex and complicated supply chains; who understood that exceptional customer service is the catalyst for company growth. Today, you'll find many of those early hires still helping grow J-Com - the stability of our team has helped us to significantly expand services and aggressively pursue technology enhancements to our infrastructure while remaining more cost effective than our competitors.

Now under the leadership of Mike Benning, who spent the better part of his more than two-decade technology management career with the company, J-Com continues to deliver exceptional value to partners throughout the Automotive, Aerospace, and Retail sectors. We provide sustainable and scalable buyer and supplier solutions that include turnkey-ready-to-deploy web-based EDI, fully integrated data file processing, as well as manual processing services.

It is often difficult for a business to objectively analyze itself. Especially when it comes to IT and E-Commerce associated investments. An objective evaluation of information flows within a business can yield very significant benefits for large and small businesses. The truth can be measured not only in the cost savings of more efficient information flows, but also the ability to remain more focused on core activities utilizing better information.

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